It's the most wonderful time of the year

No, no. It's not that time of the year, far too hot and muggy for holiday cheer. But it is the time of the year when we start receiving all of the new prints. I reached our HQ this afternoon to find 9 fantastic new prints waiting for me (with still many more to come). Honestly, it's like Christmas morning or the first night of Hanukkah (or insert your own metaphor), tearing open serious packaging to see what our old (and new) friends have put together this year.

Over the next three days I'll be organizing our inventory, working on show details, and framing these new beauties for our upcoming show at Mugshots on September 11. More importantly though, we'll begin officially previewing this year's crop of prints on Wednesday, with weekly previews to follow.

Back to the S'N'S cave for me, but I'll check back in shortly.

PS - In case you haven't been by our Etsy Shop recently, until our 2010 prints are in the store, we're offering a bonus print (selected by us) with every order!