Screens 'N' Spokes 2010 Print Preview - No. 1

With the 2010 Screens 'N' Spokes Show opening in 2 weeks (holy cow!), it's the time of the year when we preview for you our latest crop of inspired, and inspiring, prints. In 2007 I wasn't sure if Screens 'N' Spokes would continue past that initial show, four years later, I'm happy to say I think we've hit our stride. This year we'll be presenting to you 20 prints from old friends and new.

We'll preview the show for you in 4 easily digestible installments, all leading up to our opening at Mugshots CoffeeHouse in Philadelphia on Saturday, September 11.

1. Judge is one of only a couple artists who have been with S'N'S from the very beginning. She's developed quite a portfolio of ocean-scapes over the past three years, and this year's entry continues the trend.

2. Mark Forsman may just be entering his senior year of college, but he's already built up an extremely impressive portfolio of art prints and gig posters for the likes of OK GO, The Tallest Man on Earth and The Appleseed Cast. Mark's first Screens 'N' Spokes print in 2008 has been long sold out, and this one may go pretty fast as well. Thank goodness we don't need to navigate any mountains like this on our our City to Shore ride.

3. Now that Jess and I have relocated down to North Carolina, it was important for me to include some local talent. Chris Williams, who prints under the Plastic Flame Press moniker, is my favorite poster designer in the area. His style combines playful illustrations with handmade edge and can be seen advertising upcoming shows all around town.

4. Rich Kelly's unique illustration style immediately caught my eye when posters for Yeasayer and The Mountain Goats popped up on the internet. For his first S'N'S print, Rich chose to immortalize the legendary Marshall "Major" Taylor, who won the world one-mile track cycling championship in 1899 and became the first African-American world champion.

5. This year we are also featuring 5 collaboration prints. The first we'll preview is by the duo of Gina Kelly and Justin Santora. Gina paid a visit to Justin's studio last month during a visit back to the States. The outcome is a subtle yet beautiful print that melds both of their styles seamlessly. This is the Lemuel Gulliver of Bicycles.

We'll be back tomorrow with another five prints for your viewing pleasure.