Screens 'N' Spokes 2010 Print Preview - No. 3

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I hope everyone is enjoying their last summer weekend. Down here in North Carolina I don't think the heat is going anywhere, but sadly classes for us start on Monday.

Just a little reminder...
Screens 'N' Spokes 2010 Opens Next Saturday, Sept 11 at Mugshots CoffeeHouse!

The show is being hung tomorrow evening, and if you'd like an in-person preview by all means check out Mugshots this week. The Opening will be next Saturday, starting at 6:30 PM. We'll have snacks and drinks, and yes lots of prints. If anyone has been to our openings before, you know this is the best time to purchase framed and unframed prints in person. We will primarily be selling 2010 prints, but will also have select prints from previous years with us as well.

That said, you still haven't see all the great prints this year, so allow me to preview 5 more for you, right now!

1. Last week I showed you one half of Cricket Press' contribution to Screens 'N' Spokes, and today you'll see the other half. Brian Turner has been a long-time contributor to S'N'S, designing prints in '07-'08 as well as designing our jerseys those two years as well. For those of us whose bikes are less transportation and more in-house (or apartment) statues, this one is for us.

2. A newcomer to Screens 'N' Spokes family, Justin Helton and his Status Serigraph studio has been pumping out fantastic posters for the past 5 years. Recently he's memorialized gigs for bands like Phish, Wilco and the Avett Brothers. In his S'N'S debut, Justin gives us a seriously sweet cruiser.

3. Columbia, South Carolina's The Half and Half have supported Screens 'N' Spokes from the beginning. Like Cricket Press, they are upping the ante this year with two excellent, and completely different prints. Today I'll preview one of them. Everyone knows riding in the rain is rarely fun, but sometimes you just have to break out your umbrella and keep on moving.

4. I've got two Collaborations to share today. The first comes from officemates Kevin Mercer of Largemammal and Dan Judge. This print feels like Mercer's style, but with Judge's flair for color, and as Dan told me: "Two bikes for two guys."

5. Our second collaboration comes from previous S'N'S contributor Mike Munter and his recent partner Jessi Preston. Mike always ties his Screens 'N' Spokes prints to the ride, and has done so again with Ed Roth style caricatures of Philadelphia forefather Ben Franklin and, well... the Devil.

We've got 5 more prints to go, including a fantastic collaboration from Jay Ryan and Dan McCarthy. That'll be coming at you right after you get back from your fabulous Holiday Weekend.