Screens 'N' Spokes 2010 Print Preview - No. 4


As promised, included within the confines of this post are previews of the final 5 2010 Screens 'N' Spokes prints. If I will allow myself to pat myself on the back for a second, this year's show may be our most diverse yet, and the final previews today really bring home that fact.

I know you're all anxious, so I'll just get right to the art.

1. Bobby Dixon has been collaborating for the past two years, but this is the first year you'll see his printed art. Last year we invited him to design our Screens 'N' Spokes Bike Team jerseys. He did an awesome job and we got a ton of compliments out on the road. We knew we needed him to design our jerseys again, but he wanted to raise the stakes and design a print of the show as well. The result is a bold composition that commemorates old-school cycling.

2. I mentioned diversity in styles earlier, and that was one of the reasons I was so excited to have Mat Daly participate last year. Mat is back again this year, and probably represents the most abstract artist in the series. Despite the abstract printing style though, Mat's work sends up lush landscapes that feel like something out of a memory.

3. Diana Sudyka is back for the first time since 2008. Bicycles have always played a major role in the daily life of Diana and her husband (and, oh yea, fellow S'N'S contributor Jay Ryan). This year Diana shares the tale of her beloved Banana Bike. I've also included a detail shot of the print, so you can see how the story was incorporated.

4. The Half and Half's second print in this year's show brings a completely different style. Nick, Sara and Thomas have experimented with designing in CMYK in the past (see S'N'S 2008), and this year they utilize the process for ghostly effects.

5. The final print, and I think one that a lot of people have been waiting for, is the collaboration between Jay Ryan and Dan McCarthy. When I first introduced the idea of collaborative prints I wasn't exactly sure what I had in mind. I wanted to let artists find partnerships that would really motivate them to create great work. When Jay suggested working with Dan, I was immediately thrilled. I had wanted to get Dan involved since the very beginning, having been a huge fan of his iconic print of the month club. Still, I wasn't sure exactly how their wildly different styles would blend together. But they definitely achieved it. Those McCarthy trees really set the scene, while Jay's night riders bring a story to life.

And that closes out the 2010 Print Series. Well, in preview form only. If you've purchased our prints before you know they really come to life when you see them in person. So I encourage anyone who can to come to ourOpening, this Saturday, 6:30 at Mugshots Coffee (21st and Fairmount) in Philadelphia.

For those of you who cannot join us, fear not. All 2010 Screens 'N' Spokes prints will be available starting Monday, September 13. We'll send out a price list and any and all ordering directions on Friday.

Thanks for following along and thanks for all of your support. It's always a lot of fun for us to unveil the show to you folks. As always, if you have any questions at all, shoot us an email.

Very Best,