Preview #2: Isle of Printing, Brainstorm, Lonny Hurley, Cricket Press

Today we're bringing you four great new prints.  Longtime contributors Cricket Press are back (although this isn't that last you'll hear from them).  Sara Turner is joined by newcomers Isle of Printing, Brainstorm and Lonny Hurley.

1. Bryce McCloud, from the Isle of Printing, and I have been talking for the past 3 years.  I'm extremely happy to have them finally involved.  Bryce produces incredible letterpressed works of art, created entirely from hand-cut wood blocks.  The final products are really something to be seen.


2. This is one for all the City to Shore Riders, so it makes sense that Jason Snyder, one half of Philly-based design duo Brainstorm, has ridden in the past.  While it's not always this chaotic, crossing that finish line always feels pretty great.

3. Lonny Hurley may have only recently relocated to PDX, but the Northwest has decidely seeped into his design work.  Amidst evergreens and snow-capped peaks Lonny imparts words of wisdom from Portlandia: Ride or Die.

4.  This year Cricket Press became the most prolific Screens 'N' Spokes contributors to date.  With two new designs this year, Cricket Press have designed 6 awesome prints over the past five years.  The first print this year is a mysterious woodsy scene from Sara.  Could this be the same forrest that Jay and Dan's messengers went riding through last year?